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Thought For Food believes...

We can move the world.

We do not tolerate a world where nearly one billion people go to bed hungry while one billion more over-consume.  

Food security represents a massive opportunity and an even bigger responsibility.

As visionary leaders, creative entrepreneurs and passionate problem solvers, we have the power to ensure that everyone around the world has access to adequate, nutritious and safe food.  

Innovation is our best weapon.

We will design, create and build bold, new approaches to transcend current problems and will harness the power of technology as a positive force for change.  

Collaboration and sharing is more important than ever.

We will use powerful social media tools to rally people to our cause and increase understanding of the multitude of issues and incredible opportunities surrounding food security.  

Answers can be found everywhere.

Addressing food security is a colossal task, and we are enlisting all fields of study and experience to develop multi-disciplinary solutions that break down traditional boundaries and make a tangible impact.  

Change is Happening.