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Students of Team Balancers(FoodbooK) in a full page article in India's no.1 Daily - "Thapar University in news for Food Waste Management Innovative project 22nd May 2013"

Keep asking questions! / Published May 19, 2013 by Aditya Bhardwaj

Keep asking questions!

"To achieve energy, #food & economic security, we need to keep asking the right people the right questions" ~ Anonymous

Learn, Reflect, Empower / Published May 18, 2013 by Aditya Bhardwaj

Learn, Reflect, Empower

No matter how complex global problems may seem, it is we ourselves who have given rise to them. They cannot be beyond our power to resolve - Daisaku Ikeda

High 5s for Food Safety, for you and your family... / Published May 16, 2013 by Aditya Bhardwaj

High 5s for Food Safety, for you and your family...

Food|booK / Published May 12, 2013 by Dhruv Bansal


As any idea gets its roots from another idea, to us that another idea was the Thought For Food Challenge’13. One pleasant morning, we all were surfing on, starting with as simple as Food wastage to as complicated as Sustainable Food Systems, etc; and after going through all the leading websites like fao, wfp, etc and wonderful blogs by different enthusiasts, we came across simple questions-Why do I have to go through various websites working for the same vital issues? Why aren’t some exploding-ly interesting blogs not able to reach out to people they should have? When I am ready to help, why do I have limited resources and options? Then we thought, are we capable enough to club? And the answer came YES, WHY NOT! Let us build up a platform so that people from any part of the world can discuss these issues, which are currently limited to World Summits, Conferences, etc; can give various amendments, their research and developments….All in ONE single place! Awesome, isn’t it?

The Seed
Difficulties were not far from there, but thanks to the Team effort, we strongly came up with furthermore genuinely innovative solutions! So, there is an online mega-book containing articles pertaining to Food and its issues, etc. Now, would these articles be enough to attract people? Maybe No, so we make it interactive by explaining them with Photos, Videos and Fun-facts related to it. In-between all this, thought for this All-in-One app struck us! But till now, we haven’t connected people with us, what to do? Fast and Simple, we are connecting them with leading social networking websites, facebook and twitter, which have millions of users worldwide. Now how to get people engrossed in and engaged with it? This lead to a universal Social Food Credit (SFC), which always increases! How? By posting, tweeting articles, facts, videos, photos, commenting, liking or sharing the same. But yes, there are many people who know these things, but do not have the time. Thus, food-o-donation was devised. Food|book will simplify this as a one-way-stop to donate Food in terms of Calories in the provided cuisine. Not only will they benefit others, but in a way their social life, as well as having their SFC count credited. Anyone can share food in terms of Calories, either anytime, or when you don’t just feel like eating and hence not wasting, but donating it to the ones that need it for their survival. How to make it transparent? We’ll collaborate with the NGOs and Corporates, so that a user, for instance, can have a track of how his donated calories have benefited another human being. HappinessJ, captured! Now for the advancements in Food Science, we added R&D to it, as what more can be done for future.

And this is how, Food|booK was born !

Our Team

Our Mission

As Team Balancers, our aim is to orchestrate a carefully coordinated group-effort, by the people around the world and spread awareness about Global Food Wastage and consumer issues, thus mobilize them with a view to achieve harmony by unique operational knowledge and technological skills in a way that could abate the prevalent hunger crisis.

Our Background

Our team comprises of five, undergrads pursuing Civil Engineering at Thapar University. Team Balancers has a firm mission to bring back the balance in the society. As concerned human beings, we have seen a lot of issues and problems surrounding us, because of uneven distribution of wealth, resources and power. The plight of all those people who are undernourished, poor and deprived of basic necessities of life, is hard to imagine. Team Balancers along with the support of other concerned people and organizations wants to bring a change in the mindset of people for support of all those who have the right to live, eat and be happy. Our mission is to bring smiles on those faces, who right now don't even understand the meaning of it. These people are poor by their destiny, but they should not live poor due to our evils. A movement to bring the balance in all situations, to a problem not only related to food, but also gradually moving to bring a productive change in education system, health, sanitation, employment and so on. Change is what you believe in, ergo do we!

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