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Great short explanation of food security / Published May 1, 2013 by Justin Van Wart

Great short explanation of food security

Shortest, most complete definition of the food-security issues facing us today.

There is more to food miles than how far your meal had to travel to reach your plate.

Education vs Food Insecurity: who will win? / Published April 29, 2013 by Tobi Louw

Education vs Food Insecurity: who will win?

What people eat in a week / Published April 29, 2013 by Justin Van Wart

What people eat in a week

The Information Mill / Published April 28, 2013 by Tobi Louw

The Information Mill

Our Team

Our Mission

Educate consumers with respect to global food insecurity and empower them to make a difference by supporting established organizations meeting a specific standard of excellence, effectiveness and transparency. We expect to generate a flow of information and resources while addressing food security and malnutrition issues (both in DevelopING and DevelopED countries) at every stage in the process.

Our Background

________{The question} Would you reduce your portion size by 25% at a restaurant if it meant the hungry would have more reliable and adequate food? Would you support farmers markets or grocery stores that donated part of their profits to combating malnutrition? Well, of course you would say yes. But can you be sure the profits are being spent in a responsible manner? Who can guarantee that the restaurant or market is really helping you make the healthy choice? And can you trust yourself to choose your conscience above your stomach? A real-world, holistic solution is required. We’ve got one. [Watch this space] ________{Our goals: AGRIC} [A]ddressing malnutrition, that is obesity and hunger, through simple solutions connecting developing and developed worlds. [G]enerating and Rewarding Transparency in global food initiatives [R]efining the Options available to (relatively) affluent consumers looking to make a difference [I]nciting Social Change and Raising Awareness [C]reating Dual Solutions ________{About us} Ethiopia, South-Africa, Oregon and Nebraska: each of our team members calls one of these places home. We believe that our combined experience gives us a unique perspective into solutions which can benefit the malnutrition of the developed world (obesity) as well as the malnutrition of the developing world (starvation). While we sport a unique mix of talents including degrees in crop science, plant physiology and chemical engineering, international work and travel, cell phone app design, raising children, and making wise-cracks, we believe the real unique gifts we bring are our hearts and intuition. We care and believe in finding dual (win-win) solutions. We love learning and are excited to apply our knowledge in creative and practical ways.

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