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The ReHarvest team discussing solutions to food waste over left-over-bread-turned-french-toast

Evaluating current options / Published May 5, 2013 by Jessica Wu

Evaluating current options

Earlier today we posted some caramels that we didn't need on Craigslist-free. Posting an ad there and then e-mailing back and forth is not the smoothest process, so I imagine it works better for large items like furniture, and less well for such small things as partial packages of candy. Nevertheless, we got a few responses and one person came to pick them up. Turns out he drove here! Not exactly our idea of hyper-local, but also pretty surprising that someone would go that far for a box of caramels...

Good Ted talk on food waste / Published May 5, 2013 by Kristina Alnes

Good Ted talk on food waste

Interested in learning more about food waste? We recommend this TED talk by Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal. Perhaps you’ll get inspiration to make your Sunday dinner from this weeks left-overs.

Love food – hate waste / Published May 3, 2013 by Kristina Alnes

Love food – hate waste

A love of food and cooking often leads to odd left-overs, unsure what to do with half a head of broccoli or 2/3 bushel of chard? Check out this great British campaign for left-overs and tips on reducing food waste.

Our Team

Our Mission

We are all master's students who are passionate about urban food solutions. Some of us are studying Sustainability Management, and one of us is studying Design for Social Innovation. We are acutely aware of the many problems with our food system, but we also recognize that virtually all sustainability issues are interconnected. While confronting the challenge of feeding a growing (and increasingly urban) world population, we believe that the current volume of food production is not the real problem. The waste side of the equation is too enormous to be ignored, and in fact holds great potential. We aim to design an intervention that addresses both issues simultaneously with an added benefit of fostering social interaction around food.

Our Background

Jessica Wu: Farm/homestead enthusiast (former WWOOFer), compulsively anti-waste, ex-biologist, bird lover, worm bin steward. Kristina Alnes: Avid cook with left-overs, experience in project management and marketing of organic foods, fond of numbers and kale chips. Adam Gordon: Social entrepreneur, Co-Founder of NYCOMPOST, and fermentation enthusiast passionate about closing the loop between the waste stream and supply chain. Josh Treuhaft: Systems thinker, design researcher and communication designer focused on solving complex environmental challenges. Equally comfortable doing fieldwork and community engagement as he is writing taglines and creating brand mockups in the studio. Interested in biomimicry solutions to urban system problems. A compost advocate for New York City. And he loves dinner parties.

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